Why Pitch&Choose

1. Crowdfunding dedicated to the Caribbean people: Many countries around the world have been developing their own crowdfunding platforms and a few of them have been expanding incrementally to serve the rest of the world. Yes, some of the established platforms are now accommodating projects in our region, but their focus is not on us and therefore many of our projects go unfunded.


2. Capitalize on crowdfunding success as an alternate fundraising model that supplements traditional providers of capital: So, as Caribbean people with a heart for matters of the Caribbean, we have developed this customized crowdfunding solution with you in mind. We wanted you to have the same benefits and successes that others in the developing world have had with crowdfunding.   It was therefore encouraging to see the infoDev/World Bank sponsored report entitled “Crowdfunding’s Potential for the Developing World”positing favourable prospects of how this emerging trend can serve to spark economic growth, innovation and jobs.


3. Pitch your causes and ventures and be supported by your communities globally: Through Pitch&Choose, Caribbean nationals and residents who have good ideas that are in need of capital or social projects that they want to fund for the betterment of their nation, now have an online marketplace where they can pitch their ideas and reach their communities across the world. We are also providing a place where Caribbean communities and their friends locally and across the world can donate to the fundraising efforts of registered non-profits and Alumni Associations in our islands.


4. Leverage the internet and social media to access capital from nontraditional sources: Pitch&Choose is built to respond to the real needs of the Caribbean market and we are continuing to explore other product offerings that can address the demands for seed, investment and loan capital for businesses.


5. Broaden your reach to your community by participating in our one-stop marketplace: By the way, we will help build the awareness of your initiatives, because we will let the world know that our marketplace is open for business.




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