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The Micro Macro Internship Programme matches interns looking for a hands on learning experience with small businesses which need assistance.

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Project Description

“We learned how to pitch ideas to investors, how to capture attention from the first sentence and was then challenged by our employer to better our networking skills by speaking to the entrepreneurs around us and collecting their personal information.”

Micro Macro 2017 Summer Intern: Abigail

Placement: Care Point

Can we do as great a job as Abigail? Let’s see…

In 2011 on a bench in a mall in Brooklyn, a decision was made. Research was showing that although the Caribbean had done such a great job of providing universal education, there were huge gaps, that if not filled, would jeopardize all of those years of social planning and implementation by Caribbean governments. We could not solve all of the problems, but there were some low hanging fruit that could be tackled right away. In our Barbados based, family owned, Point of Sale specialised IT company, we could:

  1.  Take interns to demonstrate that creating an internship culture in Barbados is good for students and good for small businesses.
  2. Roll out a cross disciplinary internship programme to build evidence that hands-on and integrated learning is pertinent to equipping students to be well rounded and successful individuals.
  3. Promote Girls in Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

This gave birth to the Micro Macro Internship Programme, the flagship programme of Small Enterprises for Education and Development (SEED).

“I love this internship. YUP… I. LOVE. THIS. INTERNSHIP. I say that in common then capital letters coloured red because I LO…just kidding I won’t repeat myself again…The first assignment ever was to make a commercial sales pitch to companies about SEED. Let me explain SEED and the commercial sales pitch. SEED stands for Small Enterprises for Education and Development which deals with companies supporting and helping to develop youth through community outreach activities, companies will be taking on the position of role model and demonstrating socially consciousness.”

Micro Macro 2012 Cohort 1 Intern: Taniqua

Placement: The POS People

Taniqua about sums it up. SEED is a registered charity of Barbados #897 under Cap Act 243. Fast forward to 2018, we have successfully run the Micro Macro Internship Programme four (4) times. We have accepted 49 interns, placed them in 19 organizations across Barbados and graduated 40 interns from the programme.

Our interns not only receive the opportunity to work in a career field of their interests, they also benefit from training sessions facilitated by business and social professionals who volunteer their time and expertise. Training focuses on building soft skills and core competencies, with topics like Goal Setting, Overcoming Obstacles, Emotional Management, Time Management, Networking, Resume Writing, Scholarship Essay Writing, Interview Prep, Personal Responsibility, Social Responsibility.

“The areas I had never been exposed to or had not quite thought about in depth like “Managing Emotions” and “Defining Myself’ were challenging, but in a good way. They forced me to do some introspection, which is not something I’d say I like to do too often. All in all, I was inspired by every the speaker we had this week. They were all passionate about their work, confident and had auras of positivity. More importantly though, they were passionate about working with young people specifically, and it was nice to see them take the time out to share their knowledge and advice with fun and engaging presentations.”

Micro Macro 2017 Summer Intern: Asantie

Placement: SEED

 This year, we would like to place 30-45 interns. With your help, we can provide transportation stipends, lunch during training sessions, provide learning materials and graduation prizes.

“It is very financially taxing, for uncompensated interns to continue to enjoy the worklife or even survive it without any form of finances. These are some amazing oppertunties that we (the interns and especially myself) have been exposed to but it is impratical for us as young adults to be able to sustain ourselves. (I’m dipping into my life savings guys)”

Micro Macro 2017 Summer Intern: Dylana

Placement: Data Lore Inc

Ours is not a request to help build schools, or give vaccines, or provide bookbags. It’s much easier to illustrate those needs and how they impact individuals. We are, however, inviting you to lock arms with us, to take our young people to their next level in a way that creates real, long lasting change in their own lives, as well as their communities. We’re inviting you to fortify the human resources of our region, starting with this pioneering programme in Barbados and move a generation past the barriers created by antiquity and the status quo.

“Abigail and I, were introduced to this concept of using programming languages and computer coding as a means of refurbishing and creating a website.We spent hours, reading, learning and practising this tedious task, we even did over time in trying to understand this wizardry. As of ten minutes past seven o’clock, both Abigail and I have been exposed to third-degree burns in our brain cells and have a long recovery process ahead.”

Micro Macro 2017 Summer Intern: Ranako

Placement: Care Point

We’re calling on rebels, visionaries, passionate men and women of Caribbean birth, heritage and descent to band together and galvanise our resources, to provide for the next generation what was not provided for us with the same measure. SEED is committed to creating mechanisms for small businesses to directly and positively impact youth development in the Caribbean. Through the Micro Macro Internship Programme, we are able to help small businesses give of their resources in a meaningful way to increase learning and application of knowledge in real world scenarios for our interns.

“Hard work was the order of the day. What we were able to accomplish helped to define my character and provided a window and mirror for me as I seek to model the person I hope to become in the international professional world. The experience gained and the wise advice imparted during this internship will never be forgotten.”

Micro Macro 2017 Summer Intern: Samuel

Placement: SEED

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