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Jumpstart FundRiseHER Belize is a crowd funding campaign to raise funds for growth-oriented women entrepreneurs.

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Project Description

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Do you believe women entrepreneurs are a part of Belize’s economic base and can help to grow the economy? If your response is “yes” then join this crowdfunding campaign and PLEDGE your support for this worthy cause.
Jumpstart FundRiseHER Belize is a seed campaign designed just for you, as part of our independence celebrations, to capture your support for growth-oriented women entrepreneurs at a time when you gather to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Belize’s independence. Your pledge today will give Belize a head start at the formal launch coming on October 16, 2016 where FundRiseHER Belize is part of a regional initiative envisioned to raise $US 1,000,000 by 10 participating countries for 50 women entrepreneurs in the Caribbean.

To learn more visit www.fundriseher.com

Our aim at Belize Centre for Training & Development (BCTD) is to raise a minimum of US25,000 for Belize’s country level campaign.
Linking Belize’s women entrepreneurs to FundRiseHER, a program through which they will be able to competitively access grant funding, is a part of our continued commitment to support women entrepreneurs through our business development workshops, our www.leadherships.org conferences and varied international programs such as the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit where two Belizean women entrepreneurs, through a competitive process, were invited to attend in the Silicone Valley or the World Bank Funded Women Innovators in the Caribbean Acceleration Program that provides business and personal development sessions for 11 growth-oriented women entrepreneurs from Belize so that they can learn and leverage their business.
My diaspora brothers and sisters Belize needs you! You have always been important to her growth. The growth of women entrepreneurs translates into economic growth for Belize. Join the cause and help raise capital for women entrepreneurs who have a vision of being Belize’s next MARIE SHARP.

Share with a friend on facebook or twitter using hashtags #FundRiseHER and #womenentrepreneur.  Follow on facebook too at www.facebook.com/pitchandchoose

FundRiseHER is a crowdfunding grant that is created to foster the growth of women entrepreneurs in the Caribbean.  It will be hosted on pitchandchoose.com in September through to October.  It is introduced with a 1:10:50 Vision, to generate $1Million through campaigns launched in at least 10 Caribbean Countries to benefit at least 50 women entrepreneurs with grants of between $10,000 – $25,000.  As a proof of concept for crowdfunding for the Commonwealth, FundRiseHER is launched as the flagship initiative of Valrie Grant, the Commonwealth BusinessWomen Ambassador, and enjoys the backing of the Commonwealth BusinessWomen’s Network and the Caribbean Export Development Agency for its governance and implementation. The initiative is being spearheaded by A. Cecile Watson, the Principal of Gr8Way Consulting.

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