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We are Caribbean nationals who are multi-skilled, experienced and accomplished and we are passionate about giving back to our countries of birth and to our region.   We are driven to participate in creating a new wave of economic prosperity for Caribbean nations and to engage our communities in greater social responsibility for the betterment of our island economies.




Cecile Watson, CEO & Co-Founder


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Cecile Watson, the CEO & Founder of Pitch&Choose, has the distinction of being the first Barbadian with a First Class honours degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of the West Indies.  Here is what Cecile has to say:


Hello! I am Cecile and I have researched the crowdfunding model and designed Pitch&Choose to be especially relevant to our Caribbean market. Before starting Pitch&Choose, I was the Managing Director of the largest mortgage provider in Jamaica, a public sector entity with a mandate that includes affordable housing and building communities. It was here that the tremendous needs of our people really touched me, and solidified for me my insatiable desire to make a difference for our Caribbean communities. Prior to my public sector role, I spent many years in senior roles in the Banking and Financial sector regionally and also in Canada.




Neil Watson, Logistics and Operations Director and Co-Founder


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Neil Watson has been pivotal to the creation of Pitch&Choose. He pays keen attention to how everything we create will impact the communities we serve. Neil introduces himself as follows:


Hi! It is a great accomplishment for me to be part of the team that has created Pitch&Choose. This experience leverages my experience as an Analyst and my passion to be engaged in a vocation where I can make a difference. It is exciting and very fulfilling as we work to create value for you in an area of undeniable need in the Caribbean market, a need for capital.   In my role I work primarily in support of the Pitchers. It gives me an opportunity to get creative as I help you to bring your dream to life.




We could not do this without our Pitchers and Choosers. Join us on Pitch&Choose and help us to be more than just a website. Help us to build the Caribbean together!



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