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Before you get started it is recommended that all visitors take the time out to check us out.  We are therefore pleased that you are visiting this page to better understand how our marketplace works.  Also get familiar with our site by visiting our FAQ page and our Eligibility Criteria.


Register: Register as a Pitcher

Create: Prepare your Campaign: Video Pitch, Script and Rewards, if any; and tell your friends about it.

Launch: Submit your campaign for Choosers to fund.

Promote: Tell everyone in your social circle about your campaign and invite them to spread the news and to become a Chooser.

Update: Keep your campaign fresh and alive with periodic updates


Browse: Explore our existing Campaigns.  Check out our searchable features that make your walkthrough easy for you.

Support: Login to dashboard. Select Campaign. Click Support to make your pledge.

Promote: Tell everyone in your social circles about the campaign and encourage  them to support it.  Like the Campaign and Share it too.

Engage: Keep abreast of the campaign progress by checking back for the periodic updates and share with your social network.

6 thoughts on “How it Works

  1. Lisa Michelle Niles

    Hello. What banking arrangements need to be in place to make a Pitch?
    We are a PTA organization looking to raise funding for our school’s benevolent fund.

    1. WE Care at Pitch&Choose

      Hi Lisa: Thanks for your interest in crowdfunding. We hope that we can assist you in reaching your crowd to fund your cause. With respect to your question re the banking, we will need the account to be in the name of the beneficiary of the project.

      Please let us know how we may further assist you.

      WE Care at Pitch&Choose

  2. Pru

    HI, I’m not sure I understand your response to the question posed re banking arrangements. Please clarify your response to the question, if a charity organisation is using this medium to raise funds for an individual in need, should the bank account used be that of the organisation or for the individual?

    1. WE Care at Pitch&Choose

      Hi Pru. Our sincere apologies. It appears that we overlooked your enquiry. We can accommodate both the option of paying to the bank account of the charity organization or the individual and this decision can be taken at the time of submitting your supporting documentation for your campaign. Our preference though is to pay to the Charity Organization. The important thing for us will be to validate that the charity organization is in good standing and that the person for whom the funds are being raised has provided their approval to be supported in this way.

      Let us know if we can help any further.

  3. Mary Charles

    Please clarify – It seems that if a monetary goal has not been met by the stipulated time,then none of the funds raised are passed on to the entity for which the fundraising campaign was started. Please advise if this is accurate and if it is why cant the sum raised even if it falls short of the target be submitted to the entity.

    Please advice as well what banking information will be required to facilitate the transfer of funds from your organization to the entity for which the funds were raised and how often do the transfers take place.

    Also advise how can your organization be contacted in the event of problems with the transfer of funds

    1. WE Care at Pitch&Choose

      Dear Mary. Thank you for your queries. There are two options: “Keep it All” and “All or Nothing”. The former applies to all the projects we have funded thus far on this site. However, prior to launch we decide whether your project will qualify for Keep it all. If partial funding will not enable the campaign creator to accomplish the goal for which the funds are being raised, we would deem that project to be All or Nothing. We do not accommodate the taking of partial funding when full funding is required for the purpose of the campaign to be accomplished.

      The project beneficiary will receive the funds at the end of the campaign in one settlement. The Banking Information required will be provided to you when you submit your project for moderation and it is accepted.

      It is our standard operating procedure to follow up with the beneficiaries by email to advise that funds are wired and on the way, and also to ask that they confirm receipt of the funds. If necessary, we will request alternative contact details to reach our campaign creators as well.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.


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