For Pitchers

Who can be a Pitcher on Pitch&Choose?
Pitching is currently restricted to Non-profits, Alumni Associations, and Individuals domiciled in countries of the Caribbean that meet our Eligibility Criteria. However before pitches can be accommodated from an island, Pitch&Choose will first establish the supporting infrastructure for pitchers in that island. The countries from which pitches can currently be made are featured under Now Launched In on the footer of this page.
What do I need to do to get started?
Getting started requires that you first have a project, initiative or cause with a clear goal and it must meet our Campaign Guidelines. You will then need to register on our site and satisfy your eligibility criteria. After that you will design and create your pitch, submit it to be assessed and then launch it when released by us. Full instructions on pitching on our site are contained in our Pitching Guide.
What are the key variables driving my campaign that I must decide on at the time of creating my campaign?
You will need to confirm your funding goal, and the funding timeline.
What is the funding goal?
This is the amount of funds the Pitcher has established as their campaign target.
In what currency will my campaign be funded?
The applicable currency for Pitchers and Choosers will be United States Dollars.
In what currency will my donations be paid?
The currency of payment to Pitchers from funded campaigns will be determined by local laws and will depend on the currency of the local Bank Account established at the time of registration. United States Dollars will be the default currency, but if required, funds raised will be deposited in your local currency after being subjected to a currency conversion formula that will be fully disclosed.
Is there a minimum or maximum amount that I must establish as my funding goal?
No? You should establish your goal in accordance with your intended use of the funds, including the amounts needed to pay processing fees and to satisfy any rewards.
What are rewards?
Pitchers will establish rewards that will be offered to Choosers who make pledges to their campaigns. The contents of the Pitcher’s rewards package should be designed so as to move Choosers to participate in the campaign by providing benefits that may be attractive to them at various donation levels.
What is the nature of the rewards offered?
Rewards will generally be non-monetary gifts provided as a gesture of thanksgiving to the Choosers; they will not necessarily be of equivalent value of the amount pledged.
What is the funding timeline?
This is the time that the Pitcher has estimated to be adequate to raise their funding goal.
What is the campaign expiry date?
This is the last date on which the campaign is expected to reach the funding goal based on the funding timeline chosen by the Pitcher.
What time of day will the campaign expire?
Campaign will expire at midnight EST (Eastern Standard Time) on the campaign expiry date.
When is a campaign declared as funded?
“Funded” is determined at the campaign expiry date and is indicative that a payout is to be made to the Pitcher. AON campaigns are funded when the funding goal has been reached or exceeded by the campaign expiry date, i.e. at PitchPerfect. Otherwise it is declared as unfunded. KIA campaigns are funded when the campaign expiry date is reached.
What does it mean that the campaign is unfunded?
AON campaigns are declared unfunded and will close at the campaign expiry date if they have not met their funding goal. Funds pledged by Choosers will not be processed and there will be no fees charged by Pitch&Choose or the Payment Processor. The Pitcher may launch a new campaign after a waiting period of one month. The Chooser will receive an email advising that the campaign was closed “unfunded”.
What happens to funds pledged beyond a funding goal?
All funds pledged to a funded campaign will be remitted to the Pitcher net of Fees.
What is a closed campaign?
A campaign without rewards will be declared closed when funded. All other campaigns will remain open until all commitments related to distribution of rewards have been fulfilled. Unfunded campaigns are automatically closed at campaign expiry.
When will I receive the funds pledged on my behalf?
All campaigns will receive funds within fourteen business days after the campaign is funded.
What will it cost me to use the service?
Registration on Pitch&Choose for both the Pitcher and the Chooser is free. The Pitch&Choose (10%) and Payment processing fees (approximately 3%) and any bank transfer fees are deducted from the monies raised for the campaign. The Chooser will be acknowledged for their gross donation and the campaign will also be tracked to gross donations. Pitch&Choose may however in the future introduce member fees for Non Profits and Alumni Associations. This will be a monthly fee that will contribute to the upkeep, maintenance and marketing of the platform.
Will I receive the full total of all sums pledged?
The Pitcher will receive the sums pledged on funded campaigns net of the Pitch&Choose and the Payment Processor’s fees and the cost to wire the fees to them through the Bank.
Does Pitch&Choose provide any assistance to the Pitchers to develop their campaign?
Pitch&Choose does not directly offer crowdfunding consulting. However it provides a Getting Started with Pitch&Choose Guide and Our Pitching Guide which together can be used to create your campaign and plan your social media outreach strategy. Should you require support beyond this, we can refer you to Gr8Way Consulting with whom we have an associate relationship and who can ably assist you with getting your campaign designed.  We are also available to answer your questions via email.
What is Pitch&Choose’s fee?
Pitch&Choose’s fees will apply as follows: 0% for unfunded campaigns. 10% of all funds pledged will apply to all other funded Campaigns.  
What fees will be charged by the payment processors?
The Payment Processor used by Pitch&Choose is Stripe. Their fees are in the order of 3%.

For Choosers

How do I know if I am eligible to be a Chooser?
Anyone across the globe can be a Chooser if they are over 18 years of age and have a Paypal account.
How will I know that the Pitcher received my funds?
When you make your donation, you will see it recorded in the listing of project backers. Your Payment Processor account will also confirm your payees.
Can I pledge anonymously?
Yes. Just customize your logon name when in the Dashboard.
Will my name appear online?
It depends on the name you select within your profile on the Dashboard.
Will my nationality be displayed?
No. When you register you will indicate your nationality, but your discrete information is not shared.
How can I communicate with the Pitcher?
You can leave a comment at the time you pledge, or at anytime up to the time the campaign is closed.
When does a campaign close?
A campaign which has no rewards will be declared closed when funded. A funded campaign with associated rewards will remain open until all commitments have been fulfilled. It is expected that the Pitcher will continue to post updates if or as necessary to satisfy the Chooser of the progress they are making to fulfill their commitment to provide rewards.
Will I be advised about the progress with the campaign?
The Pitcher will be responsible to advise you of the progress with getting the project funded. Pitch&Choose will also post updates from time to time using social media. You will also receive an email update of campaign progress 48 hours before the campaign expires. This will give you a final opportunity to help support a campaign that may be short of its funding target.
How will I know if a campaign is unfunded?
You will receive an email from Pitch&Choose advising that an AON campaign was unfunded and that the funds you pledged will not be processed.

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