Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria noted here are provided as a guide.  Full details are covered in our Terms of Use.

Chooser Eligibility:

Choosers from around the globe may pledge funds on Pitch&Choose providing that they are 18 years or older and that it is legal for them to do so in their jurisdiction.

Pitcher Eligibility:

 The following criteria will apply to Pitchers:

 Country eligibility:

 Pitch&Choose will systematically launch in each island within the Caribbean and will declare itself as Launched there.  The islands in which the marketplace is operational for Pitchers will appear on the Home Page.

Individual Eligibility:

Individuals who use the site are expected to:

  • be resident of one of the countries in which Pitch&Choose is Launched.
  • be a permanent resident for a minimum of 12 months
  • be 18 years or older
  • use the site in their own name or on behalf of a legal entity that meets the company eligibility criteria:
  • have evidentiary proof of valid address (utilities bill, or bank account)
  • have a bank account established for receipt of the funds (in local currency or US)
  • have a Government-issued identification from country of residence.
  • have a major credit card from a local, regional or international bank.

Pitch&Choose reserves the right to request information verifying one or all of .the above, at any time before or during the campaign or before the contributions pledged are paid over.

 Company eligibility:

Companies who use the site for the purposes of launching Be A Benefactor Campaigns are expected to:

  • meet the definition as a small or medium enterprise (SME) or start up.
  • be registered and in good standing in the country of domicile;
  • elect by board resolution an accountable officer who is to be named campaign administrator and who is permitted to make the application on behalf of the company.

“ Be A Donor” Eligibility:

To participate as a Be A Donor partner, your organization or institution must be a Non Profit or Alumni Association established for some form of “public good” that benefits the Caribbean.  More specifically, it must be established and operated in the Caribbean exclusively for charitable or educational purposes, must have Charitable Status in your local jurisdiction with eligibility to accept donations, and must be in “good standing”.

To be eligible to be a Be A Donor Partner, your organization:

  1. Must be a Non Profit or Alumni Association registered in a country of the Caribbean where Pitch&Choose is launched.
  2. Must be legally eligible to accept donations.
  3. Must not by practice or by legal construct provide returns or distribute profits to its owners, directors or managers.
  4. Must be able to demonstrate its beneficial impact on the larger public good.
  5. Must be, in its mission and practice, non-violent and non-prejudicial based on race, class or creed.


Applications for registration as Be A Donor Partners  must be accompanied by:

  1. Documentary evidence that proves your status as a registered Non Profit or Alumni Association in your Caribbean country of domicile which should take the form of a notification of registration or other such documents issued under the seal of office and executed by the proper officer of the jurisdiction in which the organization is registered, setting out the following:
  2. The name of the organization
  3. Jurisdiction to which the organization is subject.
  4. Date of incorporation/ establishment (Organizations are generally required to have a minimum of 12 months track record of operation.  However, special consideration will be made for organizations that do not meet this criteria if associated through common directorship or ownership with another organization that meets the 12 month criterion)
  5. That the organization is a valid and subsisting organization in good standing.
  6. Proof of status as an organization eligible to accept donations.
  7. A signed and stamped letter of reference from your bank or a bank statement that confirms both the name of your organization and its mailing address.
  8. The contact information (email, telephone) of the administrator authorized by the organization to lead the crowdfunding campaign on behalf of the organization.
  9. Each organization must provide a one-page Purpose Statement that outlines its charitable mission, history, people  and confirms its impact on public good.


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