About Us

Caribbean Nationals, Residents, Diaspora and Friends, Greetings!

Pitch&Choose was created with you in mind.  We are Caribbean nationals bringing to you a crowdfunding portal through which your projects in the Caribbean can now attract capital from your supporters of any nationality anywhere in the world. We have worked diligently to provide you with a transparent and robust platform where communities can be engaged to fundraise and to self-fund initiatives and programs originating in our region, for the benefit of transforming the living conditions here.


Our Mission:

To provide an online marketplace where our local and diaspora communities can build the Caribbean together with crowdfunding, and create opportunities for the “Rise of the Rest”.


Vision 2020:

To be the #1 online fundraising gateway for the Caribbean community, globally.


We are truly happy for your interest in nation building for Caribbean communities.  Let us do this together! Whilst our tagline “Building the Caribbean together” tells you what we are about, our Brand Promise Connecting for good: easy, hassle-free and possible finally! confirms what we hold in our heart.


Sincerely yours,

The Pitch&Choose Team

#fromusforus …finally!


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Doreen

    I sincerely hope that this succeeds. The Caribbean diaspora is large and engaged in the development of their individual countries and therefore this should work.

    I have not understood why crowdfunding has been so backward in the Caribbean. It seems to me that this is a great environment for it.

    1. CW

      Thank you, Doreen. We appreciate your confidence. Of course, you are part of the solution. WE’d like it if you stay abreast and share and support the projects that come on-stream and maybe even launch a campaign of your own if you live in any of the Caribbean countries in which we operate.

  2. Denise

    A great oppportunity for the C’bean to get in the action and gain access to funds for their projects – business, issues that need money.

    Thank you for this business and let’s all give support to the opportunities/requests.


  3. Elizabeth

    This is the most exciting development and enabling offer I have seen for sometime!

    I am very proud of you and would like to find out more about this platform.

    1. WE Care at Pitch&Choose

      Thanks Elizabeth. We’re happy that you see the value in what we are doing to introduce crowdfunding as an alternative finance model for Caribbean communities.


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