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We discovered that Crowdfunding had a track record of success around the world with many countries developing their own platforms and expanding incrementally to serve the rest of the world.  Yes, some of the established platforms are now accommodating projects in our region, but their focus is not on us and therefore many of our projects go unfunded.


So, as Caribbean people with a heart for matters of the Caribbean, we have developed this customized crowdfunding solution with you in mind.  Through it you can avail yourself of the same benefits and successes that others in the developed world have had with crowdfunding. It was therefore encouraging to see the infoDev/World Bank sponsored report entitled “Crowdfunding’s Potential for the Developing World” positing favourable prospects of how this emerging trend can serve to spark economic growth, innovation and jobs.


Through Pitch&Choose, Caribbean nationals and residents who have good ideas that are in need of capital or social projects that they want to fund for the betterment of their nation, now have an online marketplace where they can pitch their ideas and reach their communities across the world.  We are also providing a place where Caribbean communities and their friends locally and across the world can donate to the fundraising efforts of registered non-profits and Alumni Associations in our islands.


In pledging to a campaign, the Chooser is not offered nor are they entitled to share in any financial returns or profit that the Pitcher expects to generate as a consequence of their project. Any rewards provided will be notional.  However Pitch&Choose is being built to respond to the needs of the market and we are continuing to explore other product offerings that can address the demands for seed, investment and loan capital for businesses.


By the way, we will help build the awareness of your initiatives, because we will let the world know that our marketplace is open for business.



4 thoughts on “Why Crowdfunding

  1. Jeremy Hood-Daniel

    Hi, I have mounted two Indiegogo campaigns, to raise required funding to enable me to put up a small cabin on land I own, in the mountains of southern Jamaica, so that I can develop the land into a fruit tree forest and herb garden, to be able to supply local markets and replace imports.
    Both campaigns were for around the US$20,000 amounts, the first one raised $250. And the second $230. Neither of which could help.
    Am looking for ways and means

    1. WE Care at Pitch&Choose

      Dear Jeremy: We can’t say for certain why your previous efforts did not materialise.

      The technical part is easy. You can sign up on pitchandchoose.com at any time to pitch your campaign which will require that you do a video pitch and create a compelling message to share your venture with others. However, we know that the results are less dependent on your chosen crowdfunding site and more so with the creativity that you bring to sharing your message and building a following for it. You see, crowdfunding works when you can build a following that believes in what you do and want to help you to do it. We can’t say for certain that you will have different results on pitchandchoose.com. What we can tell you is that this platform caters to the Caribbean community and community counts in crowdfunding.

      We invite you to read our blog posts about how crowdfunding works to better equip yourself with an understanding and also so that you can determine if it is right for you. When you are ready, just select Pitch a Campaign on our navigation bar, sign up and we will be sure to help you to get seen on pitchandchoose.com

      We Care at Pitch&Choose

  2. Avernel Greenidge

    I am the Principal/Manager of an NGO – Personal Student Learning Unit, based in Trinidad and Tobago.

    I was made aware of this website by one of the Stakeholders of our Institution.

    What is the procedure of becoming a part of the venture?

    We are in the process of getting a website but for right now, we use our facebook page for publicity and showcase etc – PSLU

    1. WE Care at Pitch&Choose

      Dear Avernel: Thank you for stopping by. We almost missed your message and thus the delay in responding.

      As an NGO, you can use crowdfunding to attract funding for your charitable work. Pitch&Choose can facilitate the collections of the funds you can attract from around the world. You can get the process started by selecting Pitch A Campaign in our Navigation bar. The onus will then be on you to create a compelling video pitch and to tell your story and then to share your message far and wide to attract those who care about what you are doing. It helps to have a crowd and if you are already active in the social networks, that is even better. We recommend that you read our blog posts that will give you a better perspective on how it works.

      We wish you well and hope to see you creating a campaign on Pitch&Choose that attracts funding for your worthy cause. Let us know if we can help further.

      We Care at Pitch&Choose


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